Thursday, October 28, 2010


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and one of the things that I especially look forward to is getting together with family and carving pumpkins. I really like odd looking pumpkins and this year, my pumpkin had wart-like growths (which sounds weird but looked cool) and it was my downfall. The skin of my pumpkin was like cement!! It was so hard for me to carve it that Chris had to help me finish my pumpkin (since he had a normal pumpkin, he was finished with his pretty quickly). In fact, everyone had finished with their pumpkins before I was remotely finished. Nevertheless, it did get finished and both mine and Chris' pumpkins look amazing (as does my family's pumpkins). Chris ended up with a mickey head design on his pumpkin and I ended up with an ambigram that says fire (like in the book/movie of Angels and Demons). Maybe next year i'll find a cool looking pumpkin that is easy to carve!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Incredibly Cute

I just have to brag, I think that I have the cutest dog in the world. Chris and I got Gir a stuffed animal from our trip to Disneyland and he loves it. The problem is that he loves it a lot and loves to chew on it (which we totally expected). The funny thing is that he will chew on it one moment and the next he is using it as a pillow. On Sunday the Pluto stuffed animal had all ears, arms, legs, tail, and collar attached. That's not necessarily true right now...He only really has his arm, legs and tail still attached. Well, since Gir loves Pluto so much, I guess that its money well spent. Alright, I'm done bragging about my dog...for now.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I can't believe that Disneyland has already come and gone! It was so much fun!! I was very excited that a lot of the Millers were able to come with us! Chris and I spent most of our time with them and we had a blast! We went on our favorite rides Many, Many times, we ate at some amazing restaurants, we enjoyed searching for pins, trying to stay dry (which is not easy on Splash Mountain), and occasionally met up with the other 5 members of our group. By the end of the trip, I think that all of us were extremely tired (especially our feet) and we had to bid Disneyland ado. It was sad to leave, but I know that we will be back some day. Hopefully it can be another fun family trip. Thank you everyone who came with Chris and I and made this trip so wonderful!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tracy Aviary

Yesterday, Chris and I met up with my friend Hannah and her boyfriend Michael at the Tracy Aviary in downtown Salt Lake City for a double date. We had never been to the Aviary before and I was impressed. It was a little small, but the birds that they had were fun and interesting to look at. The thing that all of us thought was the strangest was that there was a wedding reception going on at the Aviary. We kept seeing people really dressed up walking around and we were beginning to feel slightly under dressed when we saw the wedding couple. Then it all made sense. The pictures above are some of my favorite that I took yesterday. Overall, we had a great time hanging out with Hannah and Michael at the Aviary! Thanks for inviting us to come with you guys! We had a great time!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brett's Birthday

Yesterday was my older brothers birthday and the best part was that his daughter, my niece, Lucy was able to spend the weekend with us! It had almost been seven months since i'd seen her and she has changed so much! It was a lot of fun to be able to interact again with Lucy and see how adorable she has become! She is starting to talk now and everything is "doggie". She is also walking all over the place and its hard to keep her in one spot. I think that the very best thing about her visit is how happy my brother was. I haven't seen him this happy for a long time and it was really good to see; especially on his birthday. Happy Birthday Brett! Thanks for letting us come over and share your time with Lucy! We had a wonderful time, and Lucy is amazing! We love you!!!