Monday, August 25, 2008

Geo Caching

This past weekend, Chris and I went Geo Caching for the first time with some jeeping buddies of Chris. We drove down to Bountiful and meet the other jeepers before heading up into the mountains to find the caches. In case you don't know what geo caching is, let me try to explain...Someone drives up the area where the geo caching will be held and places caches (sometimes coffee cans with prizes or small bottles) and records the coordinates on a GPS unit. They then give the GPS coordinates to the participants, who than go try to find the caches. This weekend, 22 caches were placed that the group was supposed to find. The more caches you find, the better chance you have to get a good prize at the end of the trip. Chris and I drove down Friday afternoon and went up the mountain looking for the rest of the evening. That night, we set up camp at Bountiful peak campground and had a great dinner.

Saturday was also spent mostly in geo caching. Most geo cachers need a good off road vehicle and I was so glad that we took our jeep because there were some (actually most areas) that we would not have been able to reach if we weren't in our jeep.

Chris had so much fun driving his jeep with all the guys from his jeeping website (whose jeeps are really, really big!!) and I was content to ride in the passenger seat! Here are some more pictures of our weekend. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and we got to shoot some guns as well!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Museum of Ancient Life

Last Saturday, Brett and I did some brother sister bonding at the Museum of Ancient Life. The museum was way cool! It begins at an archaeological site and shows visitors what goes on during a dig and then leads you back in time to the carboniferous period where there are just some really big bugs and ferns. As you keep walking through the museum, you go through more and more ancient life. After a couple of halls, you finally get to the dinosaurs which are so HUGE!! As well as the cool exhibits, the museum has a lot of hands on activities for kids which are really fun. After the dinosaur hall, there is an ancient sea hall which has giant turtles and sharks the size of Jaws! It was a blast!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emily and Glendon come for a visit...

My good friend Emily Pfiefer and her boyfriend Glendon came to visit Chris and I yesterday from Livermore, CA. Since it was Glendon's first time in Utah, we tried to show him some of the sites. We started off the day going to The Living Planet Aquarium (where I work) and than afterwards going up the canyons for a drive. When Chris got off work, we drove down to Salt Lake and took them to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in the Gateway Mall. Glendon requested to see the planetarium which is where we went after we ate. I must admit, I was really disappointed in Clark's Planetarium. I thought that it was supposed to be a really cool space museum, but it just had a couple of exhibits. Most of the Planetarium is for the IMAX movies that they show. Also when we were in the gift shop, one of the employees kept following Emily and Glendon around which I think made them a little nervous. When we were done at the Planetarium, we finished walking around the Gateway Mall, and than headed up to Rice Eccles Stadium so that they could see the Olympic Torch. The cool thing is that there is a small visitor center right by the torch where they have some pictures from the Olympics and show a short movie. It was a nice little visitor center and I enjoyed remembering everything from the Olympics. We than drove up to Park City and went to the Olympic Park where we walked through a small museum where you could sit in some bobsleds and look at more pictures of the Olympics. There was also an option to go down a huge zip-line, but Glendon and I were too chicken to try. We walked outside and were able to watch some kids do some summer skiing into a swimming pool. It was really cool to see them doing flips and lot's of crazy tricks. When we got tired of watching them, we piled back into the car and drove down to historic downtown Park City and walked around. When we were finished, we started getting hungry, so we started our way back home. My mom made a wonderful dinner and after, we had to take Glendon to a site he had never before witnessed...Super Target! I'm not sure how impressed he was with super target, but now he can say that he's been there! We came home and I made popcorn so that we could watch a movie (since there's no way that you can watch a movie without least I can't). This morning, Emily and Glendon left to continue their journey to visit a friend in Colorado. I had lot's of fun and hope that they can come visit again!