Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alex's Blessing Weekend

This past weekend was a busy but wonderful weekend. Chris' parents flew in from Michigan while his sister and her daughter (who is only 2 weeks older than Alex) flew in from California to come to Alex's baby blessing. We chatted, played with the babies, ate good food, and had a good time together. Alex's blessing was beautiful, Chris did a really good job! We had our friends and family over to our house for dinner on Sunday where we blessed Alex. We are so grateful for the love and support that our families are constantly showing us and we are thrilled that so many people could come for Alex's big day! The house got so lonely after Lorie and Evette went back home. I can't wait to see Chris' family again! The girls are going to be so different by then!
Grandpa Miller with Alex

Grandma Miller, Aunt Lorie, and Cousin Evette

Grandma Miller with little Alex

Two tired girls; Alex and Evette

Grandpa Prusso with Evette and Alex

Grandpa Miller with Gir

Grandpa Miller, Daddy, Alex, and Grandpa Prusso after the blessing

Uncle Brett and Alex

Our little family

Cousins Alex and Evette...their holding hands!!! So cute!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please Pray for Gir

Gir and Alex
Our poor Gir doggie has had a really rough week. While Chris and I were gone at my Grandfather's funeral, Gir got a urinary infection and kidney stones. He had to go to the vet because he was in so much pain and Chris and I were heartbroken that we were not home when he needed us. Fortunetly, my brother Brett took the time out of his day to take Gir and bring him back home while we were gone. My cousin Amanda also picked him up from the Vet once and stayed with him for most of the night. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices that Brett and Amanda made on our behalf for Gir. After the Memorial for my Grandfather, Chris and I try to come home as fast as we could. Chris drove all night without rest so that we could arrive just in time to take him to the vet this morning for surgery. Gir's surgery went really well and the Vet removed around 7 kidney stones. One was so large that it was almost completely blocking his urinary track. The Vet said that it was a good thing that he was taken to the hospital because when he was admitted, his bladder was close to bursting. I felt absolutely aweful that we weren't here for most of his suffering, but I am happy that he is home with us now and he should make a full recovery. It will just take him some time before he is going to be his old self again. Chris and I would love it if you could keep Gir in your prayers while he is healing and recovering from this horrible ordeal. Thank you so much for all that you do; we love you all very much.

Thank you again Brett and Amanda! You guys are my hero's and it really, really means a lot to me that you would sacrifice your time for our dog.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dino Museum and L3 Company Party

This weekend was quite a busy weekend for our little family. We found out that my Grandfather passed away Friday morning. That was sad, but I'm glad that he can be reunited with family and friends that he hasn't seen in a long time. Even though the weekend started off sad, Chris and I had fun as well. We took Alex to the Museum of Ancient Life (Dino museum) for the first time. We had fun showing her around although, she didn't seem too impressed. Maybe she will like it more when she gets a little older. On Saturday, we got up early and headed up to This is the Place Monument where L3, Chris' employer, was holding their company party. They rented out the whole park for the event. The party started off with a 5K walk/run around the park which we participated in. Before you get too impressed, we walked the 5K. It was still a good workout and it was pretty fun. We finished in just under an hour and Alex got a metal for her participation. After the 5K we walked around the village, got old fashioned pictures taken, saw candy being shot out of a cannon, said "hi" to some of Chris' co-workers, and ate lunch. It ended up being a lot more fun than either of us had anticipated and we can't wait to go next year. Maybe we can beat out 5K time.
Daddy and Alex with the Utah Raptor. 

Mommy and Alex with the Utah Raptor.

Alex and her metal for "participating" in the 5K.

Chris after the 5K

Me after the 5K

Alex having a good time at the L3 party!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Until We Meet Again Grandpa Prusso

"Aloha-oe, aloha-oe, ikeona ona noho ikanipo
One fond embrace ahoea ea
Until we meet again
Until we meet again." 
-Aloha-oe, Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley 

I love you Grandpa! I'm glad that you are happy with your family and friends. Until we meet again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magic Sweatshirt and the Bumbo Chair

 I have recently discovered something magical...a purple Baby Gap sweatshirt that Chris and I recently bought for Alex. Its kind of big for her but she LOVES IT!! Its amazing! If she is being a bit cranky, i'll put her sweatshirt on her and she cheers right up! Today she took her first long nap of 1.75 hours while wearing her sweatshirt. It was awesome!! Chris thinks that the magic is derived from the adorable ears on the hood, but I think that its just comfortable and warm. I really like it though because happy baby means happy mommy! Other than her Magic Sweatshirt I have discovered that Alex really likes her Bumbo chair. She is still kind of small for it, but it really helps her strengthen her neck and she enjoys sitting up and looking around. I love to see her so curious about her surroundings!
Alex waking up with her Magic Sweatshirt

Alex and the Magic Sweatshirt
Alex in her Bumbo Chair
Alex looking around

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tanner Flat Photography

Here are the pictures that I took during our recent trip to Tanner Flats. Enjoy:
Blue Fire

Metallic Fire

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Every year for the Labor Day weekend members of my family (and extended family) get together for a camping trip up the canyon. This year was an interesting camping trip since we had two new additions to our usual party: my Aunt Donna and Alex. I wasn't quite sure how well Alex was going to do on her first ever camping trip. She surprised me by doing pretty well (for a 6 week old baby). Alex had plenty of people who would be more than happy to hold her so, she was almost never out of someones arms. Lucky girl. Other than passing around Alex we played games, ate amazing food, talked, read books, enjoyed the beauty surrounding us, went on walks, and generally enjoyed each other's company. It was a great weekend with amazing people. Thanks for all the fun! We'll have to do it again next year!
Chris chopping wood for our fire

Alex all bundled up. I wonder what she thinks of this camping thing...

Picture time!

Great Aunt Donna with Alex

Grandma Prusso with Alex

Daddy and Daughter...awww!