Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It amazes me how different teachers can really make or break a class. It doesn't necessarily matter what the subject matter is, I have found that even the most boring class can be brightened up by an amazing teacher. That being said, even the best classes can be ruined by a teacher as well. The reason I am studying history is actually because one of my teachers in middle school (Mrs. Montgomery) was such an amazing teacher and seemed to know everything there was to know about American History, that I decided that I wanted to be like her. Well, I'm not even close to having the kind of knowledge that she had, but I can still remember the power of her teaching to this day. Her example helps me get through classes and teachers that I would rather either sleep, or storm out of their classes in sheer frustration. Even though I don't admire or even like all of my professors, I am still grateful for the lessons they are trying to teach me, and the knowledge they are imparting (also for their patience)! Thank you teachers!! I love and appreciate your sacrifices!!