Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Funny Story

This morning, Gir and I had (for me) a funny encounter. As we were going on our morning walk, a little white and black bird flew ahead of us on the path and started walking around. Gir went crazy! I had him on a leash so that he could not just run after the bird, but he sure tried. He pulled me right along the path and the bird kept walking up the path far enough that we couldn't get to it, but close enough to tease Gir. What a mean bird! Gir was panting and trying so hard to get that bird and I kept trying to calm him down and not be completely dragged by Gir. When we finally got close to the end of the trail, the bird flew off and we thought the teasing was over. Gir relaxed a bit, and we were able to have a nice pace again. Then, on our way back down, the bird struck again. Our trail is near a water treatment plant that has a chain-link fence facing our path with a concrete structure behind it. On our way back down the path, we could see the bird sitting on the concrete structure where Gir could see him. The bird was teasing us again!! When the path came close to the fence, the bird started walking along the concrete structure at the same pace that Gir and I were walking along the path. Poor Gir. He wanted to get that bird so bad, but now there was a fence blocking his path and the bird seemed to know it! Gir was much better this time and only stared at the bird walking with us while we were going. I was happy when we finally couldn't see it anymore and Gir wasn't being teased. Well, if nothing else, it was a good laugh for me and a good workout for Gir!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

There is something in common with all of these pictures! They were/are at one point fathers-to-be! Happy Father's Day to all those who already are and are soon to become fathers! You are all amazing and we love you so much!! I chose to do baby/young child pictures since we are soon to have our baby and I thought it would be fun!

Daddy Miller

Daddy Prusso

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The other day, I was going through some boxes that my parents brought over. The items in the box were random souvenirs/memories from my childhood and amid the billions of papers, I found these cute sketches that my Dad had drawn for me some point in my life. Neither of us remember when or why he drew these, but I thought that they were so cute that I couldn't throw them away. My favorite is probably the Surfing Rex. I just thought that this was a fun discovery!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nursery Progress

This weekend, my brother Brett and Chris made great progress in painting the nursery. On Friday, they painted the base color of yellow and yesterday they taped up the room to paint the stripes. It took several hours to tape up the room. I think the boys were having fun using Chris' laser leveler to make sure the lines were perfect. They then started painting the stripes which were done in a metallic yellow. The result was stunning! It looks amazing!! The next step is to paint the celling white (it's a strange off white now) and do touch-ups. Good job boys! The room looks spectacular! 

Taping for stripes

Stripes finished