Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Surprise

This week Chris and I were in for a wonderful surprise. We received a package and we were confused because neither of us had ordered anything online. When we got home and opened it, we were delighted to see that it was a package from our Michigan parents, David and Kathy, and that inside was POPCORN (one of my most favorite things in the world) and a Pirate deck of cards (Pirates are another thing that I absolutely love). We were pleasantly surprised by this great little package which really made our day (especially because it was the specialty Popcorn that is my favorite)! Thank you so much David and Kathy for that thoughtful gift we LOVED it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day to all of the important men in my life! Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my brother Brett, my Dad David, Grandpa Prusso, Grandpa Miller, Grandpa Nelson, and to Chris (who is my puppy Daddy even though he is not a baby daddy, who is also the love and inspiration in my life). Thank you all for showing me such great examples of fatherhood. You guys are amazing and I am honored to know and love you all!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here are some of my latest adventures into the world of photography. I hope that you enjoy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scottish Festival

Today my Dad and I went to the Utah Scottish Festival. It was so much fun! We at Kettle Corn which is one of the best things on Earth and we walked around looking at tents with Clan history, merchandise (mostly swords and kilts), and we even settled down for a bit to watch some Scottish games. There was rock throwing, poll throwing and sack tossing. I think that the ancient Scots just looked around for something to throw and name it a sport, but I'm glad that they did because it was very entertaining to watch. We mostly watched the sack tossing (they weigh about 16 lbs and must be tossed by a small pitch fork). In this sport there is a poll, like a high jumping poll which the contestant needs to toss the sack over in order to move to the next round. The contestant has three tries to make it over and if he does not make it, he is eliminated. It was amazing to see these men toss a 16 lb bag over the ever increasing hight of the bar. The funny thing was that the winner was a Japanese man! At the Scottish Festival!!! He even had a kilt on! It was so much fun to watch. Dad and I also watched a little bit of the poll tossing which was right next to the sack tossing and I can't help but wonder why anyone would want to do it. After the sporting events we walked around some more and enjoyed some homemade rootbeer and cream soda which came in some really cool looking class bottles (which was the whole reason why I wanted the soda in the first place). Other highlights of the Scottish Festival were the bagpipers and the birds of prey that were being shown. All in all, it was a fun event and I had a great time having a little Daddy-Daughter date! Thanks Dad!!
Sack Tossing
Someone had a Wolf Hound! It was so beautiful!
The Majestic Owl
The Falcon (my favorite)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

San Rafael Swell-Memorial Day

This past weekend, Chris and I went to the San Rafael Swell in Eastern Utah to go Jeeping. The weather was pretty windy but we managed to enjoy ourselves quite a bit! The swell was really beautiful and the trails were really fun! I even drove down one trail which is a big accomplishment because going jeeping has always made me slightly nervous, but I actually really enjoyed myself. Chris beware, I might just start driving more and more on the trails!! Below are some of our trip highlights (since I had to really reduce the number of pictures I should post, we took quite a few).

Chris making sure our extra gasoline did not spill (which it did only a little).
I finished my first jeeping trail near this beautiful arch.
Jeeping trails!

Me and the Dinosaur track!