Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

Today is Chris' 25th birthday!! This morning, we woke up and opened presents before eating a delicious breakfast and going to church.  He got a Fossil watch, an Element tee-shirt, and the movie Jumper.  Chris also got an amazing cake which was made by our cousin-in-law Tanya Zenger (thank you sooo much Tanya, we love it!!!!). We are just going to chill at home until dinner which I have nicknamed the Man's Meal (steak and potatoes).  Since we couldn't go out to eat for dinner, I'm going to treat Chris to dinner tomorrow and since my parents couldn't be here, we are having another birthday dinner for Chris on Wednesday. What a lucky guy!! I am so happy that we are able to celebrate Chris' birthday because I am so grateful for the amazing man that he is and how hard he works for our small family! I love you Chris!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is Bustin' Out All Over

It has been so beautiful here this past week! All of the flowers have started to bloom and it's finally feeling like spring! I love this time of year (not just because I got married in spring)! I always feel that spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings! I can't wait for more and more flowers to come and the warm weather to stay!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Husband EVER!!

Ok, I have to brag...I have the coolest and best husband ever!! This week, I've been having a stressful week and my thoughtful husband brought me some flowers to cheer me up! It really brightened my day! He is amazing, and I just thought that everyone should know how amazing he is!!

Aren't these beautiful???